I have never been someone that gave food any importance. I am not sure if it is because I grew up in a household with a health conscious mother, or because my genes helped me get by. In both cases, I never thought food mattered.

When I moved to Arizona for university, I saw that the people around me were very enthused about health, this sparked my interest and encouraged me to consider adopting a healthy lifestyle. I then took the leap and changed my major; delving into the world of nutrition. From then on, I realized that food did not only mean diet, it did not only mean weight loss, and it did not only mean looking good – you truly are what you eat. What you eat today will shape how you feel tomorrow.

Currently I am working in a Dasman Diabetes Institute and focusing on diabetes as well as nutritional and health awareness. I work with many different cases and enjoy my work with adults and kids tremendously.

At Fork-Fed, I focus mainly on working with families, because change starts at home. I also believe that good nutritional habits start when we’re young, and it takes healthy parents to raise healthy kids; and that’s why I’m hoping to make your home and family a healthy one!

“We think about food because you can’t think without it”