Spice up your health

Spices are sometimes forgotten, we don’t realize the importance of having them in our food unless it impacts taste. But, spices have more to offer than taste, so much research has been conducted on the relationship between spices and our health. Whether it’s PMS, depression, bloating, or high blood glucose – these spices will have you covered. Here are some of my favorite spices than you can easily incorporate into any meal.

  1. Cinnamon: highly linked to diabetes, this super spice has the power to reduce the spike in sugar after a meal therefore helping you control your blood glucose levels more. Love your antioxidants? Well cinnamon is bursting with them, helping protect your cells against free-radical damage. And according to “The Biggest Loser” chef Cheryl Forberg, adding cinnamon to your tea or fruit can help curb your sweet tooth!
  2. Ginger: like to workout, but tired of the pain and muscle cramps you have afterwards? Research has shown that consuming 1 teaspoon of ground ginger for 11 consecutive, can reduce muscle cramps and pains by 25%. While middle-aged women who consumed this super herb for two months showed better IQ and memory tests than women who didn’t. I wouldn’t want to skip on ginger!
  3. Cayenne Pepper: highly concentrated in a substance called capsaicin, this pepper has been linked to lowering pain as well as benefiting your heart. What more can we ask for? Healthy heart + no pain! While those that are after weight loss, you can have it too with this spicy pepper. All the heat being excreted from eating this pepper helps you burn extra calories. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
  4. Cumin: with just one tablespoon a day, you’ve covered almost 22% of your iron needs for the day! That’s what I can a super spice. Besides providing iron, cumin can help you build a strong immune system as well as your energy level.
  5. Saffron: this expensive spice may be well worth your money! Known as the mood boosting spice – research has been conducted on the effects of saffron of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and depression, and the results look promising. Women who consumed saffron daily were able to lower their mood swings and depression by almost 50%, I told you it sounds promising!
  6. Cloves: suffering from bloating and flatulence? Cloves can help you with this one. Add cloves to your food while it’s being cooked to reap the maximum anti-bloating effect. Still not convinced that cloves might be good for you? According to a study conducted by University of Oslo, cloves contain the most antioxidants per gram – 1 gram of cloves contains the same amount of antioxidants as 1/2 cup of berries.
  7. Anise: It may look pretty, but it acts even better! Many people have digestive problems and this little pretty spice can help. Whether it is nausea, gas or bloating, adding anise seeds while cooking can help alleviate your problems afterwards. Can’t be bothered to cook with it? Then steep it in some hot water and enjoy after your meal.


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