Not all greens are created equal

Have you ever looked at the greens in your salad and wondered if one choice or the other would have an effect on your health? Well, bottom line is that not all greens at created equal, and different greens should have different purposes both in your salad and on your health.

Here are some different greens that are worth noting, try incorporating them into your salad or meal this week!

  1. Spinach, Popeye has it and so should we! Packed with Vitamins A, K, C and folate, this powered green leaf has been portrayed to give you strengh and energy for a reason. Most of us think of berries when thinking of antioxidants, well you can now add spinach to your list as well. With Vitamin K and Calcium, you can also ensure bone health. Side note – cooked spinach is better for you than raw spinach. Why? Heating spinach reduces the oxalate content in spinach, which is a good thing because that frees up dietary calcium for your body to absorb. Choose spinach that is vibrant in color, with no signs of yellowing, and do not wash before storing.
  2. Romaine Lettuce, are you surprised? Yes, even this common leafy green has the ability to give us some benefits. High in Vitamin A, K, C and folate, romaine lettuce has been proven to help prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and sticking to your artery walls. The potassium content in this lettuce also helps lower blood pressure, while if you have iron deficiency don’t overlook this lettuce because it can help give you a boost!
  3. Cabbage, available in both red and green varieties this vegetable is known for its cancer preventative properties, especially the red cabbage. On the other hand, if you want to lower your cholesterol? Steam your cabbage. Steamed cabbage has the ability to bind to bile acids in your gut making it easier to lower that mighty high cholesterol.
  4. Kale, this nutrient powerhouse is the most popular of leafy greens. What made this leafy green popular? It has detoxifying properties that can help regulate the detoxing process in your body naturally. Kale contains high amounts of glucosinolates (also found in red cabbage), which help your cells get rid of unwanted toxins; hence it is a natural detox food. Want to obtain more nutrients out of kale? Soak it in lemon for 5 minutes before eating.
  5. Turnip Greens, known as the calcium super food, containing more glucosinolates than kale and cabbage is one of your best choices when it comes to leafy greens. High in Vitamins K, A, C and managanese, turnip greens have a bitter taste that is worth the detoxifying properties. Also high in antioxidants, you know your heart health will be boosted. Steam or boil them, I would personally dip them in some soy sauce, but make sure to have them!

So what greens will you be having next? It can be hard to incorporate them everyday, but make sure you aim to do it at least once a day to get the benefits and nutrients they have to offer. Remember nutrition and health depends on what you eat regularly.


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