Why the Fork?

I am sure many of you wonder why it’s “fork-fed” and not “spoon-fed”? I didn’t just choose this name because I think it sounds cool, I chose “fork-fed” because I think that’s the slimming way to eat! Unless of course you’re having a warm bowl of soup or some yogurt, otherwise no exceptions permitted on using a spoon.

Here’s why?

Many research has been done on individuals that consume their food with a fork versus individuals whom choose to consume their food with a spoon, and here’s what they found – research from studies show that when faced with a heaping plate of food, individuals that used a fork as their utensil of choice, ate significantly less that those who used a spoon.

Not only does your choice of utensil impact your consumption of food, but so does the weight, size and color! Research has shown that eating popcorn from a blue bowl made the popcorn seem saltier than the individuals that consumed the popcorn from a white bowl. The research also stated that matching the color of your food to the color of your utensil made the food seem more satisfying.

Try having your yogurt from a white bowl. And when having your frozen yogurt, pick up a thick white plastic spoon as research has shown it makes your yogurt seem sweeter than it really is. Of course, if you find a fork to have your yogurt with it might save some calories!



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